Our studio is located in the Madison Highlands Shopping Center at 1485 Highland Colony Parkway, Suite 110.  We are next door to Juniker Jewelry.

Our Pilates equipment features equipment by Balanced Body. The Reformer Room has 8 Studio reformers with a variety of accessories for group reformer classes throughout the day.  

About the Owner

Other certifications in Pilates are provided through Pilates teacher training programs and are considered educational certifications.

A PMA – Certified Pilates Teacher creates and implements safe and effective individualized programs for clients to improve health and fitness through exercise and physical activity. The goal of a PMA Certified Teacher is to impart the knowledge, skill, and confidence for clients to exercise for a lifetime.


Jacy Miller has a B.S. in Psychology from the University of Southern Mississippi.  After working in the mental health field for 10 years, she stayed home with her children.  After the birth of her second son, she immersed herself in fitness as a way to manage her fibromyalgia symptoms.  After conducting extensive research on her own and with the help of various medical professionals and holistic approaches, she was able to successfully manage her symptoms and stop taking a number of medications.  Fitness became a passion and Jacy began to acquire certifications in yoga, Pilates, and personal training so she could help others.

About OUR Studio

The Butterfly was initially our logo to symbolize how fibromyalgia played a part in starting my wellness journey.   As we have grown as a studio, we are "branching" out and embracing a tree of life as part of our new logo. The tree of life represents our name, Connections, as its wide branches and deep roots connect the tree to its environment.

Behind the Logo

It is a symbol found throughout the years in many different cultures and helps symbolize for us how mind, body and wellness are all interconnected. The butterfly can still be seen in artwork around the studio as its imagery of transformation is still valid as we work to transform our bodies through our yoga and Pilates practices.

The Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) works on maintaining high standards in the Pilates industry. The PMA is a not-for-profit Pilates organization for professionals in all areas of the Pilates industry. A large part of their mission is to promote Pilates as a profession, and to support that by helping to establish and maintain the professional standards of Pilates instructor education. It is currently the only Pilates organization to provide a professional, third party certification exam.

The Flex Room is equipped with 4 Allegro reformers that can allow for off the floor mat Pilates as well as standard reformer classes. The Allegro reformers can be moved to accommodate yoga, barre or other type classes. It is equipped with a ballet barre to be used as part of yoga and Pilates programs and specialty barre classes as well.

The Personal Training room is equipped with a Cadillac, spine corrector, ladder barrel, ped-o-pull, reformer and Pilates chair apparatus.

Jacy is a Certified Pilates Teacher with the Pilates Method Alliance and is comprehensively trained through PHI Pilates.  She is also a 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance.  Other certifications are Certified Personal Trainer through AFAA, and  Madd Dog Spinning Instructor.

In her spare time, Jacy enjoys spending time with her family and running.  She lives in Madison with her two sons and husband.